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Mis pies by dehevia
Mis pies
Here you are my first contribution: a picture of my soles over the bed. I hope you like them (please let me know!!!) They are ticklish, but I don't know how is ticklishness level. Wow!!Sweating a little... ... this is to hard to say for a tickler, but despite I'm mostly into tickling others men's feet, I'd love to test how ticklish are my feet. If some day a tickler comes to my country, just note me and we may make an appointment ;) (Wink) Love 

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    The calm had returned to Gotham nights after the defeat of the last evildoers. Batman and his faithful sidekick Robin could rest easy. However, they were unaware about the plans of a devious enemy lurking the streets: Skylar.

    Skylar was the smartest kid in his class and the youngest of the new villains in Gotham. He had developed the power to whisper directly into the minds of citizens destruction ideas that make them fighting each other. Batman and Robin were baffled by much disorder and anger in the streets. They knew a criminal hand was behind such chaos, but they had failed to discover his identity. The villain Skylar -even unnamed for advocates of City gothic- was elusive, skilful and had planned everything very methodically. By day the boy was normal student of the school, ordinary-looking, he likes skating and was called Skylar. But at night it became ... He himself had designed his dark clothing and made of leather and an armored helmet to hide his true identity.

    After several months of sowing chaos in the city, Skylar was ready to end the super heroes, so he planned a ruse to get out of the game Robin. One night, Skylar sparked chaos at one end of the city; Batman had to go to resolve the emergency. Robin stood in the Batcave, but it came an alarm signal from another part of the city and he had to go to meet the situation. Skylar had created a false alarm and waited in the basement of an abandoned building.

    Robin suspected that this would be a trap, but he moved on. He tried to make as little noise as possible as his shoes pelted against the dusty and aged floor. Every time he would pass a door or hole in the walls he'd watched carefully trying to prove to himself there was no one there waiting to jump him. All he needed was to get mugged or attacked in the midst of this new madness. The lights that once lit the spot had all been either shot out or flickered dangerously on the edge of darkness, which only added to the building suspense and wariness in Robin. It was about he reached 10th floor de that cellar when he heard the first sound of life all evening.

    "At last arrive, Batman's little assistant", said a voice from a corner. A light suddenly illuminated from above a man in black looking straight at Robin.

    “Who are you?”, asked Batman’s sidekick flickering his eyes in disbelief.

    “Your new nemesis, silly wonder boy”, said the voice.

    Both men were ready for battle. Robin jumped without fear on the man in black, but he dodged the attack with a swift movement. The man tried to catch the hero's neck, but this was able to escape the armlock the attacker would apply. Finally, the man in black pulled from his pocket a gas bulb and threw it against Robin's face. Robin managed to avoid the object but not for long. Skylar flew to catch Robin, but due to his anxious urge to defeat Robin, made him fail calculating his movement and his face fell into the path of the gas bulb, which slammed into his forehead. Dust issued by the bulb spread around the grounds, but most occurred in the man's face robbing him of his consciousness, so Skylar fell motionless on the spot. Robin also passed out by the side effect of spreading toxic dust.

    Minutes later, Robin regained consciousness and found the man in black beside him still asleep. Quickly, the hero recovered his rapid reflexes and prepared to tie up this knock out attacker; he had to know his identity. The hero tried to take off the helmet, but to no avail. The helmet seemed subject to the leather suit with a contraption made of a very rare metal electronically controlled. Only it had holes to allow air inlet. Nor could he see the face because the glass above the eyes was black and Robin was reflected in it. He attempted also take off the leather suit, but the material was strong and he had nothing to cut. The strange was tall, athletic build apparently. The wide and heavy black coat was under his back. The pants were the same material resistant and shiny leather ankle-length, which was lost in the black man's boots. Only his footwear seemed readily separable from the body and outside the set of clothing. Robin had an idea...

    Skylar finally woke up; his head throbbing from the stunning gas. He cradled his head and found his arms thoroughly attached to his body and legs together and tightly immobilized. He instantly sobered up from panic as he tried to move and stand. He barely saw his black leather coat coiled all over his body and some ropes held securely around his shoulders, waist, knees and ankles as he laid wrapped tightly on what seemed to be an old metal table. A bright light was focused over his face. He struggled uselessly, managing to break the ropes bound him whilst his brain raced to find an answer. Slowly the memories previous his fainting returned to him. He called out asking for anyone who did this to him, until he heard footsteps approaching.

    “I will ask you just one time”, said Robin. “What’s your name?”

    “What did you do to me??!! Let me go now, you stupid wonder boy!!!”, ordered the baddie Skylar.

    I think you're not in a position to demand anything”, said Robin calmly as he took a walk around the firmly tied up and immobilized body.

    "I better take care of you when I'm out of this!", threatened the young rogue.

     "I think I better find out who you are and what you want from us. I'm sure you're the same who recently caused chaos in the city, aren’t you? You're clever, but not invincible”.

    Robin took another walk around the man strapped to the table and wrapped from shoulders to ankles.

    The felon became more nervous with every turn that the hero was trapped around your body, shaking his feet while Robin thought the best way to get information from the wrongdoer.

    "So you won’t tell me your name," repeated Robin wickedly savoring the idea that had just occurred.

    The baddie roared a threat in response.

    “Fine dude… have it your way”

    Robin pulled a chair to the end of the table where Skylar’s feet hung barely off the edge. The young hero yanked off the left boot first, the only thing protecting the offender’s feet were a thick black sock. The right boot was off in no time. Robin waved the boot near his nose inhaling the inside.

    “Wow, dude! When was the last time you changed footwear? These boots are funky!” Robin held the man's boots under his nose and inhaled deeply. The scent was intensely pungent and musky like a locker room. The black fabric of the socks was damp from sweat as the inside of the leather boots.

    “I’ll ask you again, dude: what’s your name?”

    The crook remained in silence for a few seconds, until he finally responded with a threat. Robin could feel his dread because of the way he curled his toes and flexed his feet.   

         Robin started to lightly tap his fingers on the black socked soles. The arches flinched at the contact and began to sweat anew. He emitted some groans and snorts trying to not let out a laugh or a scream. 


        “I never tell you anything!” roared the man in black.

    “Mmm cool! Here you are doing so well… Tell me… you don’t happen to be ticklish, do you?” Robin asked amusedly pulling the black sweaty socks slowly from the villain’s feet.

    “T-ticklish?!” the man questioned a bit worried. “No, not at all…”

    “Then you won’t mind this…” Robin said dragging his nails up and down the bared soles. The man clenched his jaw desperately trying not to show his weakness for the intense tickles driving up to his brain. He held on thinking he could fight it until Robin moved to his toes where he gasped and squeaked before biting his lip holding in the bubbling laughter.

    “Was that a squeak I heard little devil?” Robin focused on the underside of the man’s toes and the webbing between them.

    The man in black shook wildly, bucked and tried to jump against his traps.

    “Naaahahahahahahaha!! PLEHEHEHEHESSSS!!!”

    Robin winked at hearing those sweet sounds.

    “Please what dear? Please keep tickling me since I’m a big troublemaker and I need to be punished?”


    Robin grabbed a key and runned it over the heels as his nails wreak havoc on the man’s wiggling toes. The criminal, before so impotent and arrogant was now screaming and squirming miserably, reduced to a helpless child just by the power of tickling.

    “HEEEHEEEHEEEE NOHOHOHOCHHH!” he squealed throwing his head back and forth as his feet shook wildly “STAHAHAP!!!”

    “To be a bully, you have the most ticklish feet I’ve seen. And I’m pleased to enjoy giving you the treatment you deserve”.


     Robin rolled back the black pants to expose two hairy and slim calves. He looked greedily at them ending in those cute elusive feet. 

    “So, are you ready to give me better answers?” asked Robin trailing his wiggling fingers from the ankles to the calves.

    “AHHHHIEEEHEHEHEHECK!  NOHOHOHOHO I won’t tehehehehehell nothihihihing!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

    The baddie giggled out as the hero tickly crawly feeling shot up his legs like spiders.

    “You know? A foot lover like me can guess the age of someone by looking carefully his feet. And I bet you are… 18 years old at most, aren’t you?”

    The villain answered with threats and curses.

    “I don’t believe you! I think you need a bit more persuasion” Robin said squeezing hard at his heels, causing him to buck and pull at his legs trying to curl up. “You’ve got very very tender feet, like baby’s”.

    The foot skin was really soft, free of calluses and unblemished; the toes weren’t long but plumpy and cute trimmed nails, the arches were silky smooth, whilst the balls of the feet, toes and heels were nicely pink-colored with vanilla-cream colored soles. The blue veins were seen through the skin. There were the most gorgeous and boyish feet Robin had seen in his life. And also the most delicate and vulnerable. He bent toward them and licked the soles hungrily.  

    What is your purpose creating all this chaos?”, asked Robin.

    The villain felt a wet and hot tongue sliding around the arch of his sweaty soles all the way to his toes.

    "Hey! Heh Hee ha ha ha! C-cut it out!!! That tickles…!! I’m just a teaser!! I-I saw you come in here and wanted to give you a scare! I don’t know what you're talking about!!!!”, cried the felon obviously lying.

     “If you won’t give me honest answers I’m going to tickle you until you go mad, every minute of your life will be filled with this feeling until it’s all you know!”

    Robin’s fingers scribbled along the soles. Skylar roared with furious, frantic laughter.

    “NOHOHOHOHOH I’M TEHEHELLING THE TRUTH! PLEHEHASE!” he begged, laughter pouring out of him as shocking waves of tickles tormented all over his super sensitive feet. He was in tickle hell and the hero hadn’t even exhausted his resources.

    “Are you prepared for that little boy?!” Robin echoed up to him with sadism in his eyes. Skylar thrashed and kicked his legs uselessly. He’d never been tickled like this before. It seemed that Robin had sniffed the exact spot where he knew it was far more ticklish.


    Robin stopped the torture to ask again for the name.

    “Dark… Dark Skylar”, mumbled the prisoner.

    “Dark Skylar?”, repeated Robin sceptically.

    “Yes… pleh-please… stop… stop tickling me. Ha-ha… I-I-I give up… I give up but please stop tickling me… and untie me. I promise I’ll disappear…”

    “Nah, sorry, mate. I don’t believe in felon’s promises. By the way, you don’t still tell me about your plans… Dark Skylar. I already know the story of you all the villains; you want to kill Batman and me to dominate the world. I have more fun for you... and by the way, for me. You’ll become my tickle toy”.

    “No way!! You can’t do this to me!!!”

    “Oh yeah I can, mate. You’re a crook, you’ve devised monstrous plans for Gotham, am I not right?”

    “It’s not fair!! Get me out of here and you and me solve this in a battle”.

    “Nah, I’ve got a better idea, I’ve told you. You’ll be my tickle toy and I guess you’ll love it”.

    “No!!! I HATE TICKLING!!!! I can’t stand being tickled!! You coward!!!

    “Nop. I’ve never seen such cute and tender feet like yours, Dark Skylar. You take pedicure often?

    “Oh, yeah, I-I love pampering my feet, they… Wait, you-you’re getting information from me… YOU BASTARD!!!

    Dark Skylar twisted and bucked wildly to get him free but he just achieved to hurt his wrists.

    “Don’t you like tickling Dark Skylar?”, asked Robin. “Ok. Tell me your plans for Gotham and I promise to get you out of here and forget your…”

    “Ok-ok-ok, man… I-I-I wanted to become in the Lord of the Night”.

    “What’s that shit ‘Lord of the Night’? For what purpose? Tell me now!”

    I like to see people at my feet, shaking with fear”, confessed Skylar with a threatening voice.

    “Well, you got your goal: you have me at your feet. And I'm going to have a great time with them”.

    “No, wait!!! Wait… you…!!!! You promised you’ll get me out of here after I confess my plans”.

A villain with such perfidious plans like you can not walk on the loose”, said Robin teasingly.

    Robin buried his nose in between Skylar’s toes. He inhaled deeply the manly scent and said:

    “I’m needing new tools for your doggies, Lord Skylar…”, mocked Robin while poked softly the bottom of the feet.

    “You, fucking liar!!!!!”, roared Skylar.

     Robin continued to torment the flesh of his balls and arches for a good 10 minutes, as Skylar screamed and begged endlessly for him to stop. Then Robin used again his tongue. Skylar felt the tongue moved around his toes like fingers and… he liked it! His feet started to sweat profusely by the dread and exciting; the saliva mixed with the intense footsweat, producing a sweet flavour that Robin would enjoy. His fear slowly vanished as the tongue moved quickly and licked his beautiful feet.

    Robin used his fingernails to scratch the super sensitive soles; he started to scrawl in circle movements around the heels, arches and balls. Skylar’s toes wriggled frantically trying to avoid the torture to no avail.


    Skylar was lost in ticklish paradise; his head went from side to side, so the helmet that protected it and hide his face eventually break the safe closure.

    I think I'll finally see your face before you mine, Lord of the Night”.

    “Noooo!!! It's not fair!!!! Don’t look at my face!!!! I am a monster… I…!!!!

    But Robin had taken off the helmet from the dark-dressed felon’s head and his face appeared in front of Robin’s eyes.

    “You’re a kid! I knew it!”, said Robin impressed by the beauty of this young face.

    “I’m not a kid!!!”, protested Skylar. “I’m a man! I’m 18 years old!”

    “I know you!”, said Robin. “I’ve seen you… messing around in your skater board. You run away from school to go skating around with your friends, right?”

“Yeah, I’m more intelligent than everyone! My IQ is the highest in Gotham, school bored me! All my projects are in my head and you can’t get them out of me", Skylar had an evil look and laughed sarcastically because he would never confess anything. Actually he loved the tickling, so this method could only give him fun despite it was ruthless.

    “Are you sure, boy?” Robin wiggled his fingers menacingly in front of Skylar’s eyes.

    Robin started off by lightly dragging his fingers up and down Skylar’s sweaty bare soles. He stroked from the heels right up to underneath the toes, on the soft fleshy spot beneath them. Skylar howled with super ticklish laughter, as he tried to wriggle his ultra ticklish exposed feet around. Robin was relentless, dragging obsessively his fingers up over the balls of the feet several times. The fact that the balls of Skylar’s feet, as well as the arches were coated in streams of sweat and as Robin concentrated just under the ball and the top of the ball, Skylar laughed harder, because the sweat made it tickle more under Robin’s skilled fingernails. He even stroked the insteps and the outer sides, making Skylar’s boyish feet spasm.

    Robin had a strong male foot fetish, the same as Skylar. Both tickler and ticklee were lost in a tickling paradise while the time went on and went on. Robin was bewitched by the beauty of Skylar’s feet. And Skylar was also overwhelmed by the devastating waves of tickling that shook his young body from his ultra ticklish feet. He just could laugh endlessly and howling and bucking and screaming out in ticklish ecstasy.


    The next tickling sensation started off with Robin tickling up and down Skylar’s sweaty arches; the young hero’s fingers scribbled slowly up and down the concave of the villain’s soles and stayed there. The toes were curling and wiggling frantically.


    “What’s happen, no amabas ser cosquilleado?”, teased Robin.


    The hero grabbed the felon’s right toes and pulled them back to keep the sole of his foot taut and began to dart the tips of his fingers up and down. He then began to rake his fingers along the arch from the heel to base of the toes. He applied enough pressure that he could see his fingers rake grooves in the very delicate flesh without causing injury. The sensation wracked Skylar with crazy electric sensations and Robin kept this style gleefully for long time.


    The foot torture went on for another hour with no stop until Skylar passed out. He was totally exhausted from hysterical laughter, screaming and howling, and his manic efforts to free himself from the straps that held him immobile. It was impossible for him to get enough breath to feed the screams and shrieks the torture was compelling him to make, and his whole body vibrated like violin strings with genuine and sheer ticklishness.

    Robin was also fatigued. He had never tickled anyone before like this. Anyway, both lads smiled with glee. Robin had to accommodate his pants due to the great erection. Likewise he noticed that Skylar also had a huge bulge in his crotch. He quickly put the socks and shoes on the wrongdoer’s feet, untied him and left him on the floor to make it appear that they had a fight. Then, he called Batman.



     Skylar was now in jail. He had a cell all to himself and this was the most secluded and was also soundproofed. His days as the terrifying Dark Lord of the Night Skylar had finished. It had been a month since his capture by Robin. The guards treated him as a special guest. They knew that Robin had a particular fondness for this beautiful blond boy and wanted to keep him in his best shape and at the peak of his gorgeousness. After all, that would make the boy more appealing to look at and much better able to withstand the tortures he had to endure.

    Robin didn’t want an exhausted or filthy, half-starved prisoner to tickle torture when there was this magnificent specimen to work with. The healthier Robin kept Skylar, the longer he could prolong the tortures and his pleasure.

    When Robin come the jail, Skylar jailers stripped and tied him in different position always. This time Skylar was tied to the bed, his arms subjected to the bars of the headboard while his feet were attached to the upper bar of the end of the bed so that his ankles were sticking up beyond the footboard. Robin produced some terrible tools and started to sweep and scrape the soles of Skylar’s feet as if no had tomorrow.


    Skylar clenched his toes desperately and tried to refract his feet, but they were bound too securely. Robin alternated between using a feather, the hairbrush and his own fingers. He inserted the brush’s bristles between the villain’s manly musky toes and used the brush to graze over each toe individually. Skylar’s screams made his ears ring, but they were a joy to hear for the hero. Skylar seemed to be even more ticklish than the last time! He was laughing hysterically and begging for the tickling to stop while tears rolled down his cheeks.

    The laughter seemed to just go on and on and on and on.

    Robin laughed sadistically and started raking Skylar’s super sweaty and ultraticklish boyish soles for another hour of non-stop tickling.


    Then Robin began darting his tongue in between Skylar’s toes while his fingernails raced over the bad boy’s soft soles. Suddeny, Skylar clenched his toes down and grabbed Robin’s mask, managing to remove it completely from his face, so both men were staring at each other.

    “I know you…!!!”, yelled Skylar. “You… I know who you are…!”

    Skylar smiled devilishly. Now he knew Robin’s secret identity. “I know my day was coming…! Now you’ll have to kill me to I don’t say who you are… little boy.”

    “I’ll tickle you til you get mad, bastard!!!”, threat him Robin, but to no avail.  

    “I don’t care, you stupid! I get you!!! Now you’ll do whatever I want, you fucker!! Have you listen to me? You won’t kill me because you’re the good, aren’t you, little boy? So, haz lo que te ordeno NOW!!!

    “Damn!!! What you want??? I won’t do any thing malvado!!!

    “Sure not. You’ve left me wanting to cum from the first time you tickled me in that abandoned building, remember? Tickling drives me crazy and every time you tickle my feet, I want to cum so bad. So, now you come here and suck my cock, you bird!!!...”




The End???
Skylars Predicament
Here is a story requested by   He is the villain who is tickle tortured by Robin. Read the story, foot lovers, and then tell us your opinion soon. We are eager to know your thoughts. ;)
Hello everyone here, I am a man who is fascinated by men's feet. I especially love to remove the shoes, socks and touch them, sniff them deeply, play a lot with them, massage them, lick, nibble, and of course, tickle them. For a long time I thought that I was weird because of this addiction, but luckily I found the foot worship is a universal phenomenon. To me, personally, a pair of beautiful male feet has everything to take me to heaven.


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