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It had been raining all afternoon, so Alberto and his colleagues decided to finish carpentry work early and go get some drinks and have some fun. They went to the ranch of one of the carpenter’s cousin, who had a birthday the next day and since that time was celebrating with a battalion of friends and acquaintances. Alberto was the youngest of the men who worked in carpentry; he was about to turn 20 years. Usually he was a quiet guy, but like many others, alcohol had the virtue of release the words and laughter. He was not a coward, quite the opposite, but he had grown the habit of exorcising his little-communicative nature helping of the spirit influence of rum, beer or other alcohol-based concoction. At the times of fun, Alberto wanted to be anything except the same heavy guy everyday.
The party was full of women eager to enjoy. Many people were just looking to find a partner for a few hours. Alberto noticed a girl of the same age of him that began to cuddle him since she saw him. The lad had his charming: he was tall, 6’ at least, hefty built not by physical training, but by the pedigree of his family, forced out by the intense and rough work. He was maybe a little fat due to the huge amounts of food he ate, but the excess fat was barely noticeable over his muscles. Piercing black eyes, bushy eyebrows, black wavy-haired, three days stubble, strong chin and lips in surly attitude (which became smiling and kissers when he was drunk) and tanned skin.  
Clarita was called the girl who had set their sights on Alberto. They were flirting a while, exchanging glances and smiles first, then whispering in corners. But Clarita changed his mind and put his volubility in the hands of another suitor. Alberto pretended did not mind the rudeness of the girl and turned to another woman named Trudi, very petite but cheerful. This did not suit him, so after kissing a few times he released her and took another one more attractive that appeared on the scene to which he neither asked her name. An hour after being necking together, this lady was lost by a corridor.
After that, Alberto met with his colleagues to drink. At the table where he was sat were look for him two women, Gina and Dinorah were called them. Both danced with him until midnight, at which he proposed to Gina moving to a more intimate stage of the relationship. Gina without tactfully told him he was not interested in sex with him. Alberto told her that if it was because of age, he was able to respond as a man of 40 who was the age of Gina and her friend. But the woman replied that although he was as handsome as a man of 40 years, she will not go to bed with him. Meanwhile, Dinorah gave him her home address.
Later, he met a swarthy-faced devil woman. They tangled in a terrible dance; they mixed their sweat, saliva, alcohol in a smooch that seemed hungry beasts devouring each other. Santa was called this last woman. But the girl fucker had a knack for ferreting out the men so that she enjoyed while they stayed with the desire and frustrated stallions. Alberto was so drunk he could not understand what was wrong with him that he did not culminate his masculine role as God intended. A mist enveloped his head in a second touched the sky and suddenly fell to feel uncomfortable and a strange pain in his crotch and testicles forced him to stop abruptly the penetration and sexual ecstasy. Santa had brought him out of his mind, what woman, what crazy! He wanted more of that suffering. What was this woman to drive him crazy as well?
Fortunately he was rescued by one of his friends put it under cold running water until it happened stunning and began to see things clearer.
He was out when he was called by Gina, who approached him with a smile. Alberto understood that she came to mock him again, so he responded with a rudeness. Gina, respect and value woman told him that he was wrong by treating her as such, since she had not mistreated him. Alberto replied that he would seek pleasure elsewhere where there were no whores. "You have no mother," Gina said, "What manner of speaking to a woman is that?" "My mother was another bitch that left me when I was born" He turned around and pushed on his way out.
Alberto was not home, but he went to that workshop where he was staying recently. The workshop was a huge shed where sometimes old motor cars were repaired. The walls were brick built and gabled roof with large iron windows on both sides and metal doors. Alberto was a friend of those who kept their cars there, as they were only four vehicles for such a large shed, he decided to set up his second home in that place where if something left over was the space.
The place was neglected. The peeling walls, old oxide doors and windows and bats prowling at night. Alberto entered the shed and went straight to undress and get under the shower. Occasionally lightning lit surroundings and the monotonous sound of rain further increased the feeling of loneliness dominant in that environment. Alberto enjoyed that. And while he liked the jet shower, he wondered if anyone would ever get there knowing that he was in that place without any company. Certainly in one side of the workshop lived three families and beyond one hundred meters was the village, but someone could manage to surprise him and he risked dawn with a mouth full of ants. His friends, the owners of the cars did not think of this when he was allowed to stay here overnight as if he was a custodian.  
Coming out of the shower, Alberto stood one minute at the window in the bottom of the workshop. He thought he heard an unusual noise between the sounds of rain. Outside there was not a soul. He looked well everywhere, the sky glow was enough to illuminate the contours. Looking into the distance he saw a ball over the roof of another building a few hundred yards from the workshop. The ball stands out from the reddish sky background. Alberto struck himself that it was not there before and he could not explain what it was. The ball was blurred by darkness, on its top Alberto thought he saw two horns or pointed ears and he had sworn that in the middle of that thing two lights shone like sparkling eyes. A sudden chill ran down his spine, but immediately shook the thought that neither in his childhood he used to be afraid of strange things. That ball fell suddenly as carried by a gale and seconds later came through the window a witch butterfly. Alberto tried to scare it, but the insect landed on a corner of the bathroom. He grabbed an object and pointed it at the butterfly, but he didn’t hit. In a second attempt, he managed direct impact on the butterfly, but this did not fall but instead a gap opened. The light bulb went off and Alberto had to return groping to where he had his cot.
The cot was in the middle of the big space. Alberto did not hide the joy of having one huge space for himself. Wearing only pants cut at the knees and worn sandals. In a chair at the head of the cot it had a tape recorder radio, he put a cassette with trendy music and sat down to smoke the last cigarette he had left while drank half a dustbin of rum brought from the party.
The drowsiness overcame him, he settled on his back in the cot, enjoying the breeze coming through the windows. He then removed his pants and stayed as he came into the world. He rested one arm behind his head and the other was entertained in fondling his cock and balls. Delivered to that profound lassitude, Alberto was sinking slowly into a delicious state, seduced by drunkenness as he reveled in fantasies suggested by his unsatisfied desire.
He heard a noise in the middle of that stupor, opened his eyes and saw that the tree that grew on one wall of the workshop seemed more exuberant than usual, but he blamed this on his plastered and the rain dripping copiously by the same wall. A while later opened his eyelids and saw the same tree was bent in a strange way forward, as if to walk out. The rain was still falling in that part of the wall.
No sooner Alberto succumbed to deep slumber. The tree bowed to touch the floor. The branches grew rapidly while the roots crawled across the floor to reach the cot. Once they got to the cot legs, rose to a stop inches from the extremities of the young man. Alberto was snoring peacefully; his heavy-drunk sleep did not let him feel the branches twining around his wrists and ankles. New branches amounted to ties also to the elbows, knees and waist. From a big hole in the wall where the tree grew emerged more branches, this resulted in a humanoid form of gruesome appearance with very long limbs and hair that hung in the air. His whole appearance was watery and was made of plants. Amid what was his face shone a few embers.
The figure came to lay on top of the sleeper; the “thing” brought its face close to the man. Alberto made a noise with his mouth open; he cocked his head and snored loudly. The figure kept suspended in the air. Alberto had both arms extended behind his head; the branches of right side projected filigree that resembled fingers, which grazed the skin from the elbow around the inside of the arm to hover about the armpit hairs. Alberto tried to pick up the arm, but he could not move. The branches clutching his knees parted his legs a little more that were already widely separated at the time of falling asleep.
From the arbor emerged a stem headed the Alberto’s crotch. From the stem-end sprang a button that gave birth a flower identical to those that grew near the tree in the wall. The flower was an orchid brown with purple overtones. The flower prowled around the testicles of Alberto and stroked them, as they were covered in hair, feeling accomplished was very effective. First a soft rubbing and with each new score, the orchid was bolder their dance. Alberto occasionally moved his hips in his drowsiness and vegetal prison allowed him some slack, but it did not budge the firmness moorings. His lethargy was such that he would require stronger stimuli to return itself. The orchid’s touches caused him an erection and a delighted smile appeared on his coarse lips.  
Then a free twig reached Alberto’s thigh and slid gently brushing the hairy skin and continued caressing the inside of the calf. Alberto shook his leg and seemed about to wake up, but he only stretched, let out a coarse noise and was unwined further in his lustful dream caused by the caresses of the orchid in his cock and balls. The cock rudely swung to the beat of the groping of the flower, playing with his male reflexes causing first erection and then let it fade.
The orchid was detached from its stem and was attracted to the hands of the floating figure who brought it to his nose and inhaled the strong scent of male zeal that orchid extracted from Alberto.
The twig that had caressed the man’s thigh moved to another leg and repeated the same itinerary. He shook this leg, but not awakened. The wind came in with some force through the windows on the side. The stems around the armpits were shaken as if they were human fingers. Alberto shifted again, but he’s still deeply snoring.
The stems on the other end of the cot also projected long leaves and approached the sole of the left foot. Slowly the leaves touched the toes and slid across the arch. There was no answer at the first touch. In return, the leaves began its journey backwards and barely brushed the heel, the foot jerked slightly. Again the leaves chased the foot, but this did not seem to feel anything except the heel, which rubbing made shake the foot and lightly wiggle his toes.
The soles of Alberto’s feet were very rugged as usual someone who walks a lot barefoot since his childhood. Heels, the outer edge, the ball under the big toe and toe’s pad were rough and had a darker color that contrasted with the pale arch. These areas were dirt-stained from years of walking and footwear.  
Stems next Alberto’s feet multiplied in a dozen hardest twigs. Then they returned to the attack brushing lovingly both heels while Alberto growled in his sleep. A branch of guizazo was devoted to sting some areas that made spread out his toes by just rubbing the heels and discovered that meat ball under the big toe caused the rest of the toes clenched firmly, the opposite reaction of the heels. Alberto continued churning himself within the limits of the moorings, but his slumber was far from yielding. The tingling lasted almost twenty minutes until he began to open his eyes.
Seeing himself immobilized everywhere he began to struggle to get free of that jungle that had spread throughout his body. Still under the influence of drunkenness, his movements were awkward and jerky, but useless against the enormous strength of those branches.
The floating figure fell like lightning to pose its face over his. Alberto froze to see those burning eyes and that awful face in front of him. The branches were shaken and the young man heard a sort of dull roar coming out from under his cot. He began to tremble as if a earthquake advance over his muscular body that was helpless in a situation like this. The panic was all his soul knew right now. At a gesture from the horrendous figure, the branches next to the prisoner's head was transfigured into malevolent fingers dug into his armpits where executed a frenzied dance. Alberto began to laugh like a madman, but he was unable to overcome his own paralysis: the terror was more than powerful and exceeded its forces.
The branches vented their fury doing all sorts of acrobatics in the poor boy’s armpits, but his screams just getting that evil increases, increasing the intensity of torture.
Alberto's guffaws followed the precipitate rhythm of the branches in his helpless armpits. Each blast ripped from his throat was a new whirl on both armpits while and laughter lasted so the attack. Then the branches retired a minute and again returned to attack, starting new laughter owner of male and youthful sounds. And the shrieks of Alberto were music to the ears of the creepy figure. The echo of this laughter hit against the walls of the shed as the desperate screams of a banshee.
People living in the houses near the shed could wake up laughing Alberto, but just before beginning the torture, it had begun to pour again, so his scandal would sound like pure fun with a woman.
Among the thick branches reappeared the orchid and as before, it went to Alberto’s crotch who was in tickle-terror. He saw as the flower was enlarged and the hole in its center encompassed the head of his black cock. The branches stopped playing in the prisoner’s armpits. He breathed as drowning. His heart nearly out of his mouth and his muscles trembled savagely at this event that he did not know if it was a nightmare or a joke from someone who could not see in the darkness. Suddenly he was enraged thinking that someone was behind this horrible figure as he was still under the influence of alcohol, his senses suffered a hoax.
He began to make real efforts to break out of that skein, but it was useless. His big muscles were defined terribly. To his surprise, the creepy figure fell back to the level of his face: these fiery eyes, the skin covered with silt, these arms and hands made of bushes river gorge that looked like a wet cave, none of this could be a disguise. Alberto could not speak a word. He kept trying to escape from the branches that held him in the cot. In reply, the branches strengthened its knots and separated a little more the arms and legs to armpits, cock and testicles remain well exposed and vulnerable.
Then Alberto was terrified even more: the orchid that had engulfed the head of his cock was now giving a blowjob like the mouth of a woman. Alberto screamed in horror, but soon he was invaded by a feeling of pleasure and screams became moans. The branches caressed his burly and hairy chest with womanish skill. The evil orchid devoured the dick completely and with each suck it was growing up settling to the penis size that stood harder and harder by the second. Meanwhile, some sprig naughty caressed like greedy tongues the hairy testicles of the prisoner, which jumped into the scrotum to the rhythm of pleasure.  
When Alberto came close to ejaculating, the orchid stopped his fellatio and retreated a bit. The prisoner felt a strange relief to be rid of it. But what was his surprise when he felt a touch on his armpits again. He jumped, jerked, howl, cried and kicked with all his masculine strengths, but nothing could prevent a new whirlwind of branches baited in his armpits.
This attack stopped suddenly. Alberto thought it would start again the blow job, but instead he felt a touch on his foot and look in that direction he saw as the weeds were up to the level of the cot where his feet were tied and tangled branches bristling out crust and long spines. They all started to scratch the exposed soles. Alberto instinctively curled his toes, so the skin of the soles wrinkled so they were protected by a rough shell. Branches resumed their positions in the armpits and more stems headed toward the stomach, ribcage, crotch and some leaves tickled the testicles also collaborated, incidentally stimulating the head of the penis, even grazing viciously the slit of the cock-head, which aroused a rapid erection of the prisoner.
The toes of Alberto were thick and not very long, which made them look short. But they were strong as his fingers and being closed that way, they were invincible as a fist. But the bushes knew a weakness. While the ball under the big toe was protected by wrinkles caused by clenched toes, heels were helpless despite the rough skin. Some thorns were dedicated to crawl in circles over the rugged surface of the heel.
Alberto’s toes shook frantically until they spread apart, and not only that, but stretched as flowering buttons, leaving large gaps between them. From the tangle emerged a lot of stems flexible as strong leather and then they slid in between the toes of both feet, tied them up, hold them back and kept them well separated so that all they were completely vulnerable on all sides and the sole skin was completely unprotected and ready for a real attack.
From the vine emerged pieces of rough, dry crusts. This new creation was slipped on the heels of Alberto, who immediately began to twist legs and struggled to break free from the moorings on his ankles. Seizures doubled to the point that it seemed that the cot was going to roll over land from one moment to another, but the floor sprouted more logs to secure the cot. The thorns pricked the entire surface of the soles of the prisoner and continued to torture him for an hour; every ten minutes they stopped to give him a break and after two minutes of rest, they returned to the attack with greater momentum.
The floating figure dropped to settle astride Alberto’s chest. He looked at the creature before him with wide eyes; the terror was too great that his laughter mingled with howls of pure horror. The poor man had the despair-looking of panic-stricken, but was unable to do anything to escape the situation. His helplessness fed the wickedness of the floating creature, its smile of pleasure made monstrous contrast to the look of superhuman fear that distorted the guy's face. Alberto seemed about to die, his muscles tense extremely, his skin bathed in sweat, his heart leaping crazily near to collapse by those uncontrollable bursts of tickling converted into electricity shaking his body with no mercy. And the wet and horrible face of the creature with his eyes lit as infernal embers.
In a gesture of the floating figure, the shrubs stopped thrashing Alberto’s feet. The creature smiled and his teeth appeared in front of the man’s eyes. The creature slid his hands into his victim's armpits and began dancing quickly his fingers in the sweaty hairy holes of young Alberto. As if he were touched by a hot iron, the poor prisoner raised his head and gave a further shriek and began to squirm harder than ever, as if he suddenly had hitherto unknown energies. The hideous creature possessed by demented pleasure engrossed in the task of tickling Alberto’s armpits as if its survival depended on it. Both looked absolutely desperate: she for not stop the torture, him because that hell stops once.
After what seemed an eternity, the thorns and bark resumed their punishment at the victim’s bare feet. Some branches of an irritant plant called “guao” poured whitish latex that ran from the toes bathing all skin up the heels. In a minute Alberto began to feel an itch in his feet that was increasing. His strong and rugged feet had been soaked in an irritating sap. He wanted to rub them, but it was impossible. And where the liquid more stung was in between the toes. The roots started dancing hysterically and this sinister dance was in between the toes, helping to water better the irritant latex while the barks seemed to polish the arches and the guisazo swirled against the strong heels as polishers trying to remove calluses and rough spots while the thorns prick the meaty ball under the thumbs trying to penetrate the thick-rugged skin.
This motley concert come out of a mental hospital suddenly stopped to give way to the libidinous orchid, which came out this time from the chest of the creepy creature. The flower was placed where it most liked and promptly swallowed the Alberto’s cockhead in its petals. He, exhausted from hours of intense tickling, did not realize until after several minutes, when he felt a sweet itch climbing his hairy legs. The cot and sheets were soaked as if rained inside the craft, but it was only his sweat which masculine smell inflamed the creature and the plants.  
Alberto gave deep groans unable to prevent a wave encompass his entire body in a lassitude that he did almost forget the fatigue and the brutal tickling that had led him into alienation. There was not a rational thought in his mind: everything in him cried out for a rest and this will came from the hand of an absolutely pleasant sensation. He had never missed so much sex. The pleasure of sex. All this hell suffered to end in sex. Sex! What a delight! Alberto felt first his cockhead sucked and later the flower engulfed the entire dick prodigiously in front of his wide eyes. The pleasure grew louder and when he was about to ejaculate, the orchid withdrew leaving him super eager. Alberto dropped his head painfully; an expression of renewed anguish distorted his face.  
The creepy creature was to sit on the floor in front of the feet of the appetizing victim. Alberto looked up and saw the position of the monster, he dropped his head again knowing what was coming. All his muscles tightened sharply to feel the sharp fingernails of the creature clawing the tough soles of his feet from the base of the toes to ankles. As his meaty toes were still held by the stems, both feet stood motionless and stretched the skin of the soles so that the nails of the creature scurried over them like crazy cars on a large track. The shouts and laughter of Alberto were muffled by the sound of rain.  
Alberto's cock fainted at this new phase of torture, but the skillful orchid returned to take it, so that in the spirit of Alberto the terror tickle were combined with the pleasure of blowjob. His nerves began to respond to both stimuli with the same intensity and his brain could not distinguish one from another. So when he was tickled, the cock responded with a powerful erection. The creepy creature looked at his work with morbid fascination. The victim had succumbed therefore the creature could do whatever it wanted with him. So, the creature continued tickling the man while the orchid sucked his cock without and let him cum. Soon come the other phase of his torture.
After ten times leaving the poor man wanting to ejaculate, the orchid swallowed Alberto's cock for twenty times, and now it allowed him to ejaculate between the petals. Alberto released a long moan of pleasure and thought it was all over. But how great was his disappointment when he felt the barks, thorns and the terrible nails of the monster scratching more cruelly than ever the rugged soles of his feet. A very powerful erection immediately responded to this attack. Meanwhile, his sweaty armpits were undertaken by a bunch of finger-shaped stems. Alberto thought it would not last more; however, he found energy in that hell and faced this new challenge with more impetuous jumps and more frantic screams.
The orchid swallowed his enormous cock and not stops the blowjob until making him cum. Then the tickling stopped.
After another break, the creature lashed back against their favorite spots and the erection on the victim denounced the climax of his pleasure. The orchid gave her sensual petals that collected another load of creamy and warm semen. This cycle was repeated one, two, three, five, ten times throughout the night that seemed to become eternal.
Finally, Alberto was reduced to a mass of muscles, puffing and sweating; there was no man in him except his shape. His whole being had become a creature of flesh and lust. None of his past, his emotions, his work, no one, nothing. He licked his lips devilishly and moaned like a demon-beast begging return to his place of origin: the jungle. But in his case, the jungle of pleasure, the jungle where there was no more objective than satisfy instincts at all costs. The plants grew on him, multiplying its branches and leaves to completely cover him. Then the laughter of Alberto were heard echoing from the plant bud that vibrated due to the force of the stallion captured inside.
Alberto opened his eyes abruptly. He panted and incorporated the torso, he saw that he was completely drenched in sweat. The floor was also wet in several places, especially under the tree that grew on the wall. He looked at the tree with inexplicable fear. The tree looked the same of every day. He left the cot while looking at the tree, as if trying to put distance between a dangerous animal and him. He ran to the bathroom, a bucket of cold water on his head and felt a little better. Without wasting time he dressed for work. His clock struck ten o'clock.
He spent the whole day remembering the details of his dream, but they were increasingly blurred images. Instead, the sensations were so vivid... And gradually he was admitting the pleasure coursing through his body as he recalled the blowjobs. He knew it was totally absurd, but could not escape from the sweet wave that crossed his crotch every time he thought about the orchid sucking his erect cock with that female force.
That afternoon Alberto accepted another invitation to drink with his mates. He could have gone to his home from the place where he was having fun, but some sordid thoughts made him divert his steps to the workshop.
He walked down the aisle to sit on the cot. He looked at the motionless tree in its wet stone masonry. He went to the bathroom, undressed and crawled under the stream of water. He left there as well as he came to earth and still dripping he laid on the cot. Then yawned and stretched lazily so that his arms were above his head and the legs spread showing his cock and hairy balls while his wet feet protruded from the cot.
The Night Lady
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Hello everyone here, I am a man who is fascinated by men's feet. I especially love to remove the shoes, socks and touch them, sniff them deeply, play a lot with them, massage them, lick, nibble, and of course, tickle them. For a long time I thought that I was weird because of this addiction, but luckily I found the foot worship is a universal phenomenon. To me, personally, a pair of beautiful male feet has everything to take me to heaven.


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